Healthy Tips

When I start to train a client  I ask them a few questions and in return I make them interview me (why because I want to know what they are thinking or what is the main goal to them  when it comes to exercise).  In my 25 years plus  of being a personal trainer  I want my client to know I have their best interest in mind  and their personal goal is now also mine.  I recently finally after 10 years  wrote and published my first book Natural Strength. In the book it is about adopting a better exercise routine and lifestyle. I wanted the book also to spark the reader to want to do just a bit more when it came to there personal fitness goals.

Here are some of my Healthily tips I share with all my clients when it comes to reducing body fat

1. please try not to eat 3 hours before bed
2.never under eat  under eating with slow down your metabolic rate and will make it much harder to  decrease your level of body fat
3 eat small frequent meals  this will help counter  tip #3
4.I know you all heard this one over and over but 8 to 10 eight oz of water per day
5.avoid weight loss pills and so called shakes  most of them are schemes and just want your $
6.no fried food  steam or bake is best
7 throw out your scale  judge your weight loss by how your clothes fit
8. make a plan or a routine and stick to it. Most people do not give themselves enough time for a certain diet or workout routine to see results.